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Australia's only "One-Stop-Shop" for Race Driver Preparation. Focus Driver Performance has everything you need to succeed. Equipped with state of the art facilities based within the complex of Sydney Motorsport Park & Queensland Raceway.

Professional Race Simulators

Professional race simulators utilising cutting edge technology and systems, as used by F1 teams and leading race teams around the globe.

Elite Cognitive Development

The mind controls the driver and therefore training the mind with our Nations first, “Motorsport Mind Gym” is crucial to maximise driver development.

Motorsport Specific Fitness

With an extensive motorsport specific fitness assessment area, we are able to measure drivers fitness levels in depth and create training plans to suite with our partners at S6HP.

Professional Driver Coaches

All our coaches have enjoyed success around the globe and one of the most important steps to improving as a driver is through utilizing a professional driver coach.

About Us

Focus Driver Performance has a vision to provide drivers with every aspect of preparation to help them achieve success on the world stage.

Integrating every element of Human Performance into Motorsport to bring you Australia's first and only complete Driver Performance Centre, based at Sydney Motorsport Park & Queensland Raceway.


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Happy Clients
The Focus Driver Performance race simulator and driver coach Oli, are the best I have experienced. Having very high quality equipment on hand gives them the opportunity to supply the perfect proving ground for amateur and experienced drivers.
Supercar Driver

James Golding

The ultimate one stop shop for all driver preparation, Focus Driver Performance gave me all the guidance to take my driving to the next level, continuing to further develop and refine new skills with their unrelenting drive for perfection
Supercar driver

Jayden Ojeda

The simulator is extremely realistic and high-end in terms of its technology. A further added advantage is that whilst I am in the simulator, I am wearing headphones and a microphone which is connected to Oliver’s microphone, and I can receive constant feedback whilst in the simulator. Throughout a session, we will try different gears and try out different techniques. lf I make a mistake he will explain what I did wrong, for example breaking too early or not turningthe wheel correctly
F4 USA 2019 Champion

Joshua Car

You are never too good at what you do and as a driver you should always try and find more consistency, speed and be a total package, simulators have come a long way and these guys have done an amazing job with this model - if you are thinking of racing an Aussie Racing Car or would like to get feedback on your driving technique or try other cars I highly recommend EurOz
Aussie Race Cars Champion

Justin Ruggier

Having worked in this industry for 30 years and having worked with Oliver and engaged him in training for my son it is clear that Oliver's coaching skills are world class in his field
Professional driver coach

Mark Williamson

I use the simulator at Focus approximately twice a month leading up to a race, which definitely contributed to my success and boosted my confidence leading up to the events
Australian F3 Vice Champion 2019

Josh Buchan

The Team

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