Cognitive Development

A complete first for motorsport in Australia!

The mind controls the driver and therefore training the mind with our Nations first, “Motorsport Mind Gym” is crucial to maximise driver development.

Cognitive development should be developed and trained just like the rest of the  body. Enhancing the cognitive development of a driver will result in improved clarity, stamina, coordination an/*d confidence on the track and when adapting to new techniques. Performing under pressure, is also an aspect we are able to test and train. There really is no age limitation to this area of training, whether for an aspiring  Karter  or a  Car racer, we can make a start today to find untapped  potential.

We utilise the worlds No.1 Cognitive Development software, which is used by elite athletes throughout the world. Comprising neuro reaction enhancing equipment, both digital and analogue as used by all F1 drivers.  


Cognitive Assessment and Development

We are able to assess a driver’s cognitive skills drivers during  a 90-minute evaluation  session.

Our state of the art equipment is designed to work on all the relative aspects to enhance mental performance. All the data is  recorded so we can monitor all drivers improvements over time.

Remote Cognitive Development

As with physical fitness training,  the conscious and sub-conscious mind  also requires regular training to develop andevolve so reactions become instinctive especially under the rigours of intenseracing conditions.  

Because of this, after an initial assessment, you will receive your own login to our Neurotracker software. You can then train daily whilst a Neurotracker accredited Coach from Focus Driver Performance can monitor your training.

Monthly Development Programmes

Consistency, development and sharpness is key throughout a race season, we have various different packages available designed to assist drivers with a structured development programme that focus’ on each drivers particular strengths and weaknesses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Our programmes are comprised of 3 areas, Simulator Coaching, Physical &Cognitive Development. We can also build tailored programmes to suit drivers specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss our monthly development programmes