Motorsport Specific Driver Assessments

Not sure where you need to improve? Or would simply like to know where you stand?

At Focus we can assess every element of human performance and driving ability. With a detailed report to follow, no stone is left unturned. Driver assessments play a crucial role in tracking drivers improvements or to evaluate which areas are their weaknesses.


Cognitive Assessment and Development

We are able to assess a driver’s cognitive skills drivers during a 90-minute evaluation session.

Our state of the art equipment is designed to work on all the relative aspects to enhance mental performance. All the data is  recorded so we can monitor all drivers improvements over time.

Fitness Assessments

At Focus, we have an extensive motorsport specific fitness assessment area where we are able to measure drivers fitness levels in depth. This will comprise;

·       VO2 Max Test

·       Body Composition

·       Neck Strength assessment

·       Muscular Endurance & Strength Assessments

We have a range of fitness assessments available for you to find out your physical and psychomotor strengths and weakness. Tests can range from individual components (i.e. VO2max test) to a range of components (i.e. strength or psychomotor assessments) to our full detailed performance assessment which will assess all components of motorsport fitness. Whichever test you choose to do, all of your results will be benchmarked against top drivers in your category and you will be given training recommendations based on your results.

Performance Psychology Consultations

With our very own performance psychology consultant, Dr Kotryna Fraser to help you gain a mental advantage over your competition. After a 1 hour consultation we are able to provide you with a plan for the future to help you achieve your goals with a clear mindset.

Driver Assessment

With our two professional simulators, access to live telemetry, Motec data and much more. We can compare you against benchmark, professional racing drivers. Giving you the opportunity to see where you are against the best!

Check Out Our Driver Assessment Reports