Performance Psychology Consultant

Dr Kotryna Fraser

Performance Psychology Consultant

Kotryna is dedicated to helping drivers in achieving their potential on and off-track through implementing a driver-centred approach. Kotryna’s expertise is in Sport and Performance Psychology evident through her education. She has an MSc and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and is an accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist (Psychology Support) under BASES.


Kotryna’s interest and experience in motorsport started during the FIA Academy in 2013. Since then, Kotryna has worked with individual drivers on their psychological preparation (e.g., pre-race routines, coping skills, imagery, communication skills, etc.) and groups of drivers during educational workshops (e.g., goal setting and planning). Kotryna is a part of the W-Series driver development team where she has been working with other support staff in conducting assessments, selection and providing ongoing driver-centred support. She is also involved with the Girls on Track programme helping girls to achieve their dreams in motorsport.


Psychological preparation often is a hurdle a few days leading to the race or even on the starting grid, but there is no need to let it happen. The key is to train your mind prior to the race together with your physical, tactical and technical skills.


Kotryna is committed to high-quality service implementing up-to-date research and adopting a holistic approach. She is ready to guide you through your psychological training and help you discover the ways you can strive for optimal performance.