Fitness & Nutrition

It is no secret that professional race drivers are amongst some of the fittest athletes in the world. For this reason we carefully design our fitness training to be motorsport specific to address all the demands on the driver to  improve on track performance by creating outstanding motorsport athletes.

At Focus, we have an extensive motorsport specific fitness assessment area where we are able to measure drivers fitness levels in depth. This will comprise;

·       VO2 Max Oxygen analysis

·       Body Composition,

·       Neck Strength assessment

·       Bespoke motorsport exercise programme specific elements.

We have a range of fitness assessments available for you to find out your physical and psychomotor strengths and weakness. Tests can range from individual components (i.e. VO2max test) to a range of components (i.e. strength or psychomotor assessments)to our full detailed performance assessment which will assess all components of motorsport fitness. Whichever test you choose to do, all of your results will be benchmarked against top drivers in your category and you will be given training recommendations based on your results.

Over the past 5 years we have developed a proven training program for drivers. Having assisted drivers to goon and win national & International championships we are confident we can provide a I in-depth training programme to meet your requirements.

All of our assessments cater for Kart or Car drivers, it is important to understand that the physical demands of karting and cars differ. Therefore our training programmes vary depending on what you drive and the age of the individual.


Fitness Assessments

With many aspects of fitness assessments available we can provide you with a comprehensive report. All fitness assessments are compromised of the most advanced technology to provide incredibly detailed and accurate results. Following all assessments we will then follow up with training recommendations and programs suitable based on your results.

Training Sessions

Training sessions are available 5days a week at our fitness partners facilities. Training in a group is a great way to push for that extra 1% and train in a competitive environment. All sessions are motorsport specific and if training regularly we will compromise an in depth training programme to follow.

Following assessment, drivers can train under the watchful eye of High Performance Coach, Monique Le Mottee. Monique is responsible for all programming, testing and maintenance of drivers physical development.

Finding Your Focus

We believe all drivers need to map out their journey to achieve success! Focus has developed an in depth review of the ‘bigger picture’ of the individual, including lifestyle, nutrition, sleep & more. All these factors can contribute to finding your hidden gains. The process is two 2 hour consultations. Upon completion you will receive your completed “Map”.  

Monthly Development Programmes

Consistency, development and sharpness is key throughout a race season! We have various different packages available, designed to assist drivers with a structured development programme that focus’ on each drivers particular strength and weaknesses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Our programmes are compromised of 3 areas: Simulator Coaching, Physical &Cognitive Development. We can also build tailored programmes to suit drivers specific needs.

Please contact us to discuss our monthly development programmes