Driver Coaching

Race Simulators

Our professional race simulators use  cutting edge technology and systems as used by F1 teams and leading race teams around the globe. With regular updates to both our car and track models, we will always offer the best race preparation and coaching tools available in Australia.

With track time becoming increasingly expensive and limited, having access to  the majority of tracks in Australia, Focus makes preparing for your next event  easier. Getting to know the tracks and familiarising yourself with their characteristics ensures you hit the ground running.

The Simulator packages consist of;

·      Ex-A1GP cockpit single seat simulator  & Pro-Sim GT Style simulator.

·      Race craft coaching available and bespoke simulator settings to suit any seating position

·      Expert Coaching

·      Professional driver coach on hand.

·      Dedicated Sim Room providing  focused distraction-free surrounds blocking out all external light and sound.

·      Driver/instructor/ accompanying personnel connection via a live telecom, providing the driver with real-time updates

·      Post session Data & Video Analysis

·      Telemetry recording  on advanced MOTEC data software providing  access to every channel possible

·      Benchmark times from front-running professional drivers

·      Access to a vast variety of cars, including all Supercars, Open wheeler, Junior Formula categories, GT & more.

·      All cars have been created based upon their real life dimensions and  specifications. From aero and drag maps,  wing size and ride heights, to torque curves and engine maps resulting in a 99% accurate simulation of real life.




·       Simulator Coaching

With access to live telemetry, benchmark data and video analysis we leave no stone unturned when working with drivers of all ages and abilities. Whether you are preparing for your next track day or going head to head for the Supercars Championship, we have you covered!


·       Karting To Cars Transition

This is THE most important & challenging step a driver will ever take in their racing career. There are several elements that are new to drivers when progressing into cars. These include significantly different skills, tracks, vehicles and many more. Ensuring a solid foundation is  made in this phase of a driver’s career will contribute to future success. We all know just how important first impressions are so therefore, learning the basics before stepping into the car is a very cost-effective way to prevent wasting time at the track.

With our bespoke Brake Training software, we focus specifically on the braking without the distraction of driving, giving the driver time to apply themselves solely to the amount of power, strength and control required

Furthermore, It is important not to  forget just how greater the physical demands are on the drivers when transitioning to cars. We have put together a comprehensive fitness evaluation and physical training program which works hand in hand with driver  coaching, to ensure the driver has not just  the skill set required but the fitness to match!

Please contact us to discuss an inclusive Kart To Cars training programme.

·       Monthly Development Programmes

Consistency, development and sharpness is key throughout a race season. We have various different packages available, designed to assist drivers with a structured development programme that focus on each drivers particular strengths and weaknesses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Our programmes  compromise  3 areas: Simulator Coaching, Physical Training & Cognitive Development..

Please contact us to discuss our monthly development programmes