Benefits of Using Simulators in Motorsport

Recent advances in digital technology and computer software have made today’s race simulators more accurate and realistic than ever, allowing them to recreate various conditions and the experience of driving around different tracks.

While race simulators will probably never be a complete substitute for the real deal, modern ones do a pretty good job of helping car drivers train for race events.But how exactly do they help drivers? Let us count the ways.

Learning a New Track

Studying anew track means more than just memorising the entire circuit. It also allows drivers to catalogue a new track’s various features and characteristics

Gaining a complete understanding of the circuit also requires knowing the types of surfaces that a driver has to deal with. For instance, the roughness of asphalt roads may differ slightly compared to concrete surfaces, which can affect tyre-related decisions.

The best race simulators often try to recreate track surface dynamics and how they affect  grip. They can thus help drivers come up with more strategic plans and be more adaptable with their racing strategies.

Testing Different Racing Lines

Using race simulators lets drivers test different racing lines and determine which line can give them the most advantage. More importantly, they can use simulators to fine-tune their brake shapes through analysis on the telemetry.

Staying Sharp between Races

While you may not know it, resting in-between races is important. That does not mean that drivers should lose their focus and concentration while on break. In fact, they need to stay sharp even if their next race is still a few days or weeks away.

And as we said, while nothing beats driving on a  track to stay sharp, practicing on a simulator is the next best thing. You see, even the best simulators cannot replicate the full effect of G-forces drivers need to withstand. But they can stay focused with a simulator’s help to prepare for their next race.

Race simulators are incredibly effective in helping drivers keep their mental focus and give them an opportunity to fine-tune their visualisation skills and muscle memory.

Exploring and Developing Driving Techniques

Apart from helping drivers enhance their visualisation skills and stimulate their muscle memory,  simulators also come in handy if they wish to try out and perfect new driving techniques.

You cannot, after all, improve any skill without extensive study and practice. Drivers on their way to expanding their skill sets can take full advantage of simulators to explore and execute new  techniques like switching to left foot braking, fine tuning heal-and-toe etc.

simulators also give drivers a chance to correct mistakes made in the past. The best  drivers, after all, always make it a point to identify areas of improvement and work on them.

Practicing Race Procedures

Not all races are created equal. Some may have simpler rules and regulations compared to others. Regardless of complexity, though, one thing is sure—drivers need to know race procedures by heart to avoid getting penalised or worse, disqualified.

simulators can help drivers simulate racing procedures like race lengths (number of laps),starting guidelines and positioning, restarting mechanics, even things like pitstops.

Mental Endurance Training

Depending on the kind of race, drivers may find themselves inside a car’s cockpit for 1-2hours straight. Not only will that extended period take its toll on their bodies, it could also test their mental faculties.

Motorsport is very stressful and pressure filled. Drivers not only have to deal with fellow racers but also combat physical and mental fatigue. For that, they would need to undergo physical development programs to train their bodies to withstand tiredness.

But equally critical is taking proper cognitive development training to develop their mental endurance, especially if they will be driving in unforgiving conditions.

Instant Needs Analysis and Training Refinement

Coaches can help drivers instantly analyse their racing performances with the help of  simulators. The simulator’s software can also gather data from practice runs automatically, giving trainers a better idea of what areas (steering inputs, braking traces, etc.) drivers need more training on. Minor tweaks or even major refinements can thus be made more accurately to their training.

Best of all,  simulators not only gather data on driving skills alone. They can also be used to instantly analyse other factors like how receptive a driver is to communications from their coaches or how adaptable the driver is when dealing with unexpected environment disruptors, such as drastic weather changes or mechanical failures.

Race Simulator Training via Focus Driver Performance

Focus Driver Performance utilises professional simulators for its driver coaching programs. These simulators feature the same systems used by F1 and leading car racing teams across the globe.

Its full simulator package includes:

●      Ex-A1GP cockpit single-seat simulator and Pro-Sim GT Style simulator

●      Race craft coaching available and bespoke simulator settings to suit any seating position

●      Expert coaching

●      Professional driver coach on hand

●      Dedicated Sim Room providing focused, distraction-free surroundings that block out all external lighting and sounds

●      Driver/Coach/Accompanying personnel connection via live telecom, providing the driver with real-time updates

●      Post-session data and video analysis

●      Telemetry recording on advancedMOTEC data software that provides access to every possible channel

●      Benchmark times from front-running professional drivers

●      Wide variety of car options, including all Supercars, Open Wheeler, Junior Formula categories, GT, and more

●      All car features reflect actual dimensions and specifics, ranging from aero and drag maps, wing size, and ride heights to torque curves and engine maps, resulting in 99%-accurate simulations

The FocusDriver Performance team would love to share the many benefits of race simulator training to drivers like you. Drop us a message today.